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Intellectual Property

Our consult in
Intellectual Property.

The firm assists different national and foreign businesses in the processing of all the rights of registrations contemplated in our national legislation, such as patent requests, division of fractional patents, obligatory licenses requests, registration and renewal of distinctive signs, royalty registrations, etc. 

Additionally, the firm has developed an advanced consult service to clear the rights to resources and actions thru the administrative and judicial way in the cases of unfair competition, based on the violation to an intellectual property right, participating in negotiations and lawsuits for such causes. 

Our experience in
Intellectual Property. 

NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS, thru its senior partner, has been an active participant in different conferences in the country in which are discussed the themes on the matter. Some of the works published, such as "Delimitations of antitrust rights and copyright" by Angelica Noboa, may be emphasized; as well as the suggestions decanted in the framework of the discussion of the general bill of antitrust law, which aims to preserve the jurisdictional competences attributed by the laws and treaties to ONAPI and the Royalties Office, to resolve conflicts on license contracts and others indicated in the legislation, that include allegations of anticompetitive practices.

Distinguished accomplishments

  • At the request of Chemonics, Angelica Noboa has run a consultancy on the Role and Responsibility of the National Copyright Office (ONDA) of the Ministry for Culture in DR-CAFTA, as part of the DR-CAFTA implementation project, funded by USAID.
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